Spin spam

Spin spam
: Tonight’s presidential debate (I saw the last half) just proves Jay Rosen’s points. The candidates don’t answer a damned question; they stick tape carts in their mouths and hit “play.” And afterward, on MSNBC, Chris Matthews goes on about who “won.” What he should be doing is saying, “You guys didn’t say jack! You wouldn’t answer the questions. You didn’t advance the debate. You didn’t advance the conversation. You wasted our damned time.” That’s the unspun zone.

  • Steve

    Hmmm, stepping out off message in a debate. Wouldn’t that be risky? Mistakes might be made! Tounges might slip of their own accord! Original thoughts might happen!
    You weren’t werious about this were you? I mean, we’re talking politicians here….

  • ….a moment with Easycure

    Unfortunately, that’s the way it sounds on the right side of the aisle sometimes too….

  • Tape cart? Is it still 1968? At least you didn’t say McKenzie Repeater.

  • Steve

    Newsflash! Newsflash!

  • Bob

    Yes, but look what happens when a politician makes one slip, or one not-quite-politically-correct comment. Dean practically had his whole campaign derailed by his Confederate-flag comment. Not a smart comment, to be sure, but you would have thought he had suggested Hitler was just “misunderstood,” given the uproar and endless media carping.

  • Mikey

    It’s television remember? (the post on Nov 25) Television is dead, don’t be such a dinosaur.

  • Tink

    I live in Iowa, the state the politicians forget exists except in the months preceding the caucus.
    (ok, most of the time this is a good thing)
    As an independent, I get calls from both sides of the aisle during election years. Last night I got a call before the debate from the Edwards campaign.
    I asked 1 specific question 3 times, and all three times got a canned, generalized response that came no where near answering what I had asked. Every third word seemed to be “Bush”.
    When I continued to push for a more specific answer, I was referred to Mr Edwards website. (which, may I add, in a rural area with one ISP, very few have internet access) His website is no more specific than the canned answer I received on the phone.
    Dean spoke in our local diner last month. Same thing. Direct questions answered with generalized BS and a whole lot of bashing. Not very impressive.
    Will they ever get the hint that the voters want actual answers and plans? Bashing answers nothing, and in my case, only ticks me off. I want to know why I should support a candidate, not why I shouldn’t support another.