European anti-Semitism

European anti-Semitism
: The Guardian asks the tough question: “The ‘new’ anti-semitism: is Europe in grip of worst bout of hatred since the Holocaust?”

“Anti-semitism has become politically correct in Europe,” said Natan Sharansky, the former Soviet dissident and minister in Ariel Sharon’s government….

But it is the “new” anti-semitism that most disturbs some Jewish leaders because they say it emanates from influential groups such as academics, politicians and the media and is dressed up as criticism of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

It is time to honestly face this spectre. This isn’t Europe-bashing. It is a warning we must heed…. this time.

  • Pele

    I am quite critical of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. I live in Europe. I do not hate Jews.

  • Pele, that’s great, but we’re talking about an entire continent — no need to get defensive. I don’t think the people who beat Jews with chains as they come out of synagogues in France could say the same — and that is, in part, the kind of anti-Semitic people we’re talking about.

  • Without knowing much, I was critical of the post ’67 lands being occupied by Israel. As I learned more, I realized that Palis, and Arabs, wanted to kill all the Jews, and did not recognize their right. From 48 – 67, Arabs controlled what will likely become Palestine, but failed to help the Palis create a state. Instead of a peaceful two state solution, these Arab gov’ts (and Palis?) wanted to use force and force of numbers to kill Jews.
    It seems they still do.
    It’s time for Europe, and all “anti-Israel” folk to switch, and demand that the Palis stop terrorism. A folk unwilling/ unable to stop terrorism don’t deserve a state — and then Israeli settlements & occupation seem more reasonable. If Palis are unable to endure free speech or a free press, they don’t deserve a treatment of moral superiority.
    Where are the Pali bloggers????
    Jerusalem an international city, joint capital of both Israel & Palestine; Israel back to ’67 borders. AFTER Palis clamp down on terrorism and agree that Israel has a right to exist. Palis act first.

  • button

    I did not come away from that article with the impression that The Guardian was being honest about it. I felt they were being self-righteous about it and blinded by their self-righteousness.

  • Eric

    We’re in the grip of anti-arab and anti-jew. It’s easier to hate the jews since they are on the winning side in terms of military and political power, but just as easy to hate the arabs for their nasty tricks.

  • Catherine

    Actually, Tom, “palestinians” were offered their own state when Israel was created in the UN charter. They refused. They wanted it all or nothing. They wanted it all, and more importantly, they wanted Jews out of the region all together. They have been fighting ever since.

  • Max

    The Anti-Semitism goes hand in hand with the Anti-USA attitudes that are growing like wild fire in Europe, and re-inforce each other. And the French in particular seem to have staked their self-awareness on being the un-cola or Non-USA in any and every situation possible. Thus monies to Cuba, Libya, N Korea, Iraq and denigration of any cause (Isreal) we support. I am not a fan of Isreal or the Zionist movement, but there is a reality here that need to be delt with. Keeping the Palis as cannon fodder pushed into camps and not resettled in Arab lands (where a recent poll listed a majority of them as wanting to go) is dispicable. And Tom I definately agree with you and will do one better- as a native son of NYC I ask you to please take the UN and plop it right in the center of Jerusalem. Would do wonders for both cities.

  • capt joe

    Let’s not forget the EU report on anti-semitism that was shelved because the EU committee did not like the analysis results.

  • Marty

    Barak and Clinton offered it all in June 2000, full statehood, about 98% of the West Bank and Gaza with compensating land from pre-1967 Israel, and a road connecting the two areas. Arafat spit in their faces and started the current terror wave 3 months later. Official Palestinian position is the Jews should all be driven into the sea (Palestine from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea.” It takes 2 to negotiate and the Palestinians still aren’t ready. Very sad, they are the worst-treated people in the world, but not by the Israelis, by their own leadership and the Arab countries that have manipulated them since 1947.

  • I am an American Jew, and I hate Israel.
    Anyone who says Israel-hating=Anti-Semitism, well, I know who they are, and they are being deceptive.
    It’s freaking shameless.
    Let’s see the world’s reaction if they put a wall around someone other than Palestinians…

  • amile

    Josh, if there was a rabid dog attacking people but you couldn’t shoot it, wouldn’t you put it in a cage?
    Actually, Israel itself is a ghetto. It’s a reservation. I know a great many Native Americans who back Israel 100%.
    Also, Josh, I think you need to look into this matter more closely. Arson, attacks in the street, attacks against people just because they are Jews. Physical attacks. Murder. This goes beyond the realm of anti-Israel. This is anti-Semitism.

  • Reimer Behrends

    I think this post nicely illustrates why I still prefer newspapers over most blogs for informing myself about actual politics. It takes a complex (and worrying) phenomenon and reduces it to a short soundbite meant to generate controversy. The Guardian article itself does a relatively decent job of exploring the matter — within the limits of the length of a newspaper article — but Jeff’s post reduces it to a simplistic punchline, worthy of the Sun or Bild.

  • Reimer:
    But what blogs do — that no major news organization does — is link to the source. That is precisely why we link to the original Guardian story, so you can read it all (and we can’t quote it all or would we trespassing on their copyright). When possible, we link to multiple sources of information. That’s an improvement.

  • tm

    Yes, and additional links can be shared in the comments sections. Like this one, to a conference on the new antisemitism. The lecture by Joffe discusses the structural links between antisemitism and anti-Americanism, and I also recommend those by Finkielkraut, Berman, Caldwell, and Lilla.

  • “I am an American Jew, and I hate Israel.”
    Why do you hate Israel, Josh? And where did you learn your “facts” that led you to hate Israel? And do you have an active Jewish life, or is it just a remnant of an ethnic identity for you? Do you hate other Jews if they are proud of their heritage? Do you see Jews as a stereotype?
    See, I know your type too.

  • Judith, because he think it’s not his problem and he hopes it goes away. It is, and it won’t.