Dec. 10: Demonstrating for freedom

Dec. 10: Demonstrating for freedom
: Alaa joins Zeyad calling on fellow Iraqis to demonstrate against terrorism and for freedom:

The people will be taking great risk and the probability of the murderers attempting to massacre and sabotage is very real….

Those who came out in protest against America, the Allies and the President, what do they want ?

They want the Coalition to abandon our people after liberating them and leave them at the mercy of the Saddamists and Al Qaeda thugs and killers. A sea of blood would drown the country if that happened (Heaven forbids), and they know it. Darkness would descend not only on our country, but would engulf the whole world…. The blood of your soldiers and our countrymen would have been shed in vain. Heaven forbids, Heaven forbids.

We the majority of the people in Iraq, do not have any reason to doubt the great principles announced by President Bush; to bring Democracy, Freedom and Prosperity and make an example that will reverberate throughout the region and the world. It was beyond our power to break the chains of terror and intimidation that bound us. The Lord God has willed that mighty help should come our way. This was the Will of Almighty God. We believe the President, not only because his project is the right and noble course, but also because it is in the SELF INTEREST of his country and the Democratic World. And this happens to coincide with our SELF INTEREST. You see, it makes sense, great sense….

Above all remember that this is not a battle between religions and ethnicities. It is a battle between all the decent people of the world of all religions and races and the forces of Evil.

Amen, brother, amen.

: See also Omar, who is downright offended by the London demonstrations:

Is it so hard to them to understand that we highly appreciate the sacrifices that the people of USA, UK, Spain, Italy and the rest of the coalition countries in order to rebuild our country and make it ensure it’s prosperity and progress?

-For the first time I feel hopeful as I see an American administration decided so firmly to solve crisis rather than managing them. And I wished the powerful nations could decide the same for the benefit of all humankind….

: Of course, it’s not a representative sampling. But among the Iraqi bloggers, we have one who’s anti-American (Riverbend), one who waffles conveniently (Salam) and the rest who are resolutely grateful for being freed from Saddam’s bondage and who wish for nothing more than help to create a free and prosperous nation. Do they get such help from the demonstrators in London? No. No, they get no help at all. And the kvetchers in London want to think they are fighting on behalf of the Iraqi people. How? They want to think they are humanist. How? They want to think they are liberal. Ha!