Mark your calendars: Dec. 10 is Iraqi freedom day

Mark your calendars: Dec. 10 is Iraqi freedom day
: Zeyad reports that anti-terrorism — yes, terrorism — marches will be held in Iraq on Dec. 10.

The only thing I can say is its about damn time. It would be great if someone can organize similar rallies on the same date in the US and Europe to show support and empathy for victims of terrorism in Iraq and the rest of the world. I can only ask you to spread the word about this.

So spread the word.

: Zeyad also has choice words for the, what, pro-terrorism demonstrators in London:

I was ashamed and depressed watching those brainwashed and deluded demonstrators in London carrying signs calling for abandoning Iraq and for an end to aggression. While I can understand people who hold peaceful principles against wars in general but nevertheless wish to see Iraq free and prosperous, I fail to understand the logic behind the thinking that appeasing and understanding terrorists will make this world a better place….

I guess those demonstrators chose to ignore the hundreds of innocent Turk Muslims and Jews that were killed and maimed the last few days in Istanbul, the Italian peacekeepers in Nassiriyah, the Lebanese families in Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi police, school children, UN and Red Cross workers in Baghdad, the Iraqis that were praying in Najaf, the Spanish tourists in Casablanca, the demonstrating students in Iran, and decided to spill tears for the poor Iraqi militants, the innocent Taliban, and the peace loving leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Why the hypocricy? Why the double standards? Someone seriously needs to teach these people the mechanisms of cause and effect. They are having it all jumbled up in their topsy-turvy view of the world. I can only say SHAME on you.

Amen, my friend.