Audible sucks

Audible sucks
: All me to rant… I tried to use Audible years ago. Audible sucked. I stopped.

I just tried again. Audible sucks still. I wanted to buy (buy!) a copy of Studio 360 I had missed. I went through a long process to join the damned service. It then insisted the first step was to download software. I had to download three separate pieces of software and install it all and restart. Then I couldn’t find the show I’d just bought. It was an individual show. I finally found it hidden under subscriptions. But then I couldn’t download it because of some obscure error message they don’t list.

Help? Ha! Only until 4 p.m. Hey, bozos, you charge me money any time of the day or night you have service any time of the day or night!

They overcomplicate the hell out of it. Their user interface is awful. Their customer service is nonexistent. I still don’t have the show I bought. I sent messages to them with as many F words as I could type. I’m enraged. What a piece of junk.

Sell the stock!

I’m uninstalling the software. I’m never trying again.

Audible sucks. Audible sucks. Audible sucks.

: I actually want to buy (BUY!) music and shows for my new Treo 600 but I can’t. It will play only MP3s. The music services sell only WMAs.

They’ve all overcomplicated this.

They all deserve bankruptcy!

Palm sucks. The music industry sucks. The radio industry sucks. NPR sucks. They all suck.