bin Laden’s real enemy

bin Laden’s real enemy
: It’s becoming ever clearer that bin Laden’s real enemy is not us. It’s his fellow Muslims who won’t follow him. He’s nothing but a two-bit tyrant. He used the attacks on America to try to rally Muslims to his “cause.” Didn’t work. So now he attacks Muslims.

Time to wake up and smell the Turkish coffee, my friends. Time to hunt down and find bin Laden and erase him. Time to realize who your enemies and who your allies are. Time to align yourself with with the civilized world — not the Western world, the civilized world — rather than with murderers.

: Hossein Derakhshan, the Iranian alpha blogger, is contemplating about the meaning of the horrific Turkish attacks:

Thinking about the recent sad news about Istanbul bombing, I guess as time goes by, the real struggle on the issue of world terrorism, comes down to a major conflict between the moderate and radical Islam, or in my opinion between Wahabism and Shiite. I say Shiites, because I regard them as the symbol of a flexible Islam, even though the emergence of a radical thinkers such as Ayatollah Khomeini, should not be seen as the birth of radicalism among Shiites.

In my opinion, the best way to defeat radical Islam, would be a) strengthen moderate Shiites scholars and religious leaders such as Khatami or even Khamenei (globally speaking of course) b) show the world how the most radical regime in the Muslim world, Khomeini’s Iran, which rejected the whole Western world, were defeated by it’s own people.