The biggest Hollywood scandal ever?

The biggest Hollywood scandal ever?
: Correct if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Michael Jackson case the biggest scandal in the history of Hollywood?

Sure, OJ was tried for killing people. But Jackson’s a much bigger star and a much stranger star and doing anything to a child — if he did it — gets you a reservation in hell. This story is going to be berserk beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

The sheriff and prosecutor who announced the arrest warrant against Jackson just now on TV are making the big mistake of acting all jolly about it, cracking jokes about how Jackson’s isn’t their kind of music and how they’d advise against sleepovers at Neverland Ranch. Dumb. They’re acting as if this is their moment in the spotlight when, in fact, it’s a serious case. And it doesn’t help that it’s two doughy white guys arresting a once-black guy.

Howard Stern said this morning that no matter what happens in this case, the parents of the 12-year-old alleged victim should be hauled out to the public square of ridicule themselves. Knowing what we know and hearing what we’ve heard about Jackson — true or not — what responsible parents would ever send their child into his grasp? Stern essentially accused them of selling the kid to Jackson to get the chance at a case and a payday.

Jackson’s finances have been shaky. He has been weirder and weirder. We are about to watch the final phase of what will probably rank as the worst fall in memory.

My colleague wonders whether Michael Jackson will moonwalk on his perpwalk.

  • Mike G

    Is it a scandal when everyone’s known it for years?
    Through plastic surgery and brilliant image creation, Michael Jackson has somehow convinced the world that he is something other than what he is, which is by now a middle-aged man, and thus that his suspicious activities are what they appear to be, which is the predatory cultivation of underage bed partners by a grown man. He’s roughly the same age as Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson, for instance– and if you heard that either of them had a creepy wonderland of a home and had sleepovers for his Cub Scout friends, his career would be destroyed in an instant even before any prosecution. But admit it– you just don’t think of Michael Jackson sleeping with 10-year-old boys as being quite the same thing. It doesn’t seem quite as inappropriate as the picture of a Costner or Gibson with his arms around some little boy. He’s brainwashed the whole world into thinking he’s some kind of uniquely androgynous child-man not subject to the ordinary rules.
    For that reason I think we will be shocked, but not really surprised, to discover that pedophilia has been the driving factor in so many of his weird behaviors over the years. That everything about his persona, his androgyny, his agelessness, has been part of a plan to seem more like one of them to the boys he collected, to seem less like one of them to the grown adults who had to be persuaded to let him borrow their sons for the night. He has been brilliant for decades about fucking little boys right under the nose of the world, and when he is finally locked away, we will marvel that we were taken in for a second, let alone 20 years.
    (I hasten to underline the obvious fact that I am NOT implying anything about the two other stars I mentioned, but using them strictly for illustrative purposes because there’s no such preexisting notion about them and they seem like “normal guys,” unlike Jackson.)

  • Vince

    Jackson is also tied into the odd coverage surrounding Anthony Pellicano… compare Google News on ‘anthony pellicano’ -neverland” and ‘anthony pellicano’ clinton. He can’t be ignored, but he can’t be fully covered, either.

  • Jay C.

    Awful though it might seem, there’s no guarantee that Michael Jackson won’t beat this rap, like he has before: Despite all the “celebrity accused in scandal” hype, Jackson (or whoever his handlers are: the man himself seems to occupy his own planet) has always succeeded in deflecting accusations and, in effect, paying off the accusers to shut up and go away. That approach may work again: especially if there is ANYTHING even slightly “off” about the circumstances of the alleged abuse.
    That said, it is a sad commentary on the cult of celebrity that a sickoid (hugely talented, true, but a sickoid nonetheless) like Michael Jackson can get away with vitually undisguised pedophilia on numerous occasions, and suffer little for what would land almost anyone else in jail or the rubber-room for life.

  • Jim

    Maybe not the biggest ever. Fatty Arbuckle had his career effectively terminated by a scandal, way back before my time. Certainly the biggest since, say, the Second World War, though.

  • John

    The others this is going to be a problem for are the victim and the parents involved in the 1992 molestation probe. Mom and dad took the cash settlement, and I would assume already are being tracked down by the press to see if they have any regrets knowing that they might have prevented any further incidents from happening if they had taken the case to trial, while the child involved in that incident is now an adult, and will facing having to relive the incident all over again as part of the overall coverage (and could even be subpoenaed as a witness if this new case goes to trial).

  • Marcel Perez

    I made my comment in another thread, but would like to add just this one thought.
    After all the scandalous public stories leading up to this situation, how is it that parents are still allowing their children unsupervised access to an accused pedophile?
    I believe that a multi-million dollar out of court settlement was tatamount to a guilty plea in the earlier case.

  • button

    So far, from what I’ve seen of the description of the situation, this case does not look like a slam-dunk, open and shut case, which you all seem to expect.
    Now tell me that Jackson like to dress up in a white (female) nurse’s costume (with a mini-skirt) and give little naked boys enemas or something like that.
    Otherwise, I think there’s an ample chance he’s going to walk on this case, too.
    After the Silence of the Lambs movie, is there anything in this realm that could really be so shocking anymore?
    I don’t think people could be very shocked anymore.
    This case is going to go beserk in the media? No, Jeff, I don’t think so, unless they start digging up his estate, looking for dead bodies of missing little boys. They just had a serial killer case who murdered at least several dozen women. How does ‘inappropriate’ touching or something similar compare to murdering several dozen people in cold blood?
    He’s a weirdo, for sure. But being weird is not illegal. Is he getting lynched for being weird? They’re going to have a hard time proving their case here. The little boy is supposed to be very sick with cancer, and Jackson is said to have spent tons of money on him and his family. So far, this is not a black and white situation.

  • button

    Get ready for the psycho-babble. I do not believe there is such a thing as a ‘borderline’ personality. It’s BS.
    Last year or the year before, I happen to be on a literary-type message board, when a male physicisan came on and left a very defamatory screed about his ex-wife. Not content with that, he announced he was writing a book which he planned to publish that identified his ex-wife as a ‘borderline personality.’ and disclosed that he was a psychiatrist. Oh, wow! And he was obviously OBSESSED with her and villifying her. He was bent on a vendetta against her. He was totally out of control. I suggested to him that he just forget about her and go on with his life and move it forward. Oh no, he couldn’t do that! He had to get some kind of twisted revenge against her.
    ‘Borderline personality’ is the fix that used for situations like that. PS, the British media was calling Princess Diana a ‘borderline personality’ because, they said, she was a malcontent!
    Oh, pul-leez! Give us a break.

  • button

    As of around now, he hasn’t surrendered yet. Then, after he surrenders, you’ll have to wait for him to glue him nose back on.
    I wonder if we’re going to see photos of him dressed up as Nurse Nancy. This trial is going to have to be very freaky for anyone to even notice it.
    You know there is a very well-known travel writer who used to be a man and is now something else. Nobody makes a fuss over that anymore. So don’t expect too much of a fuss over Jacko, unless there’s very freaky stuff going on.
    Would you believe that there are several male gay couples living in my community who have adopted children? Everyone here seems to think that’s just fine. So, maybe you have drastically misjudged the current depravity level of the American people.

  • Button:
    I can’t let that go without comment. I think it would be depraved to exhibit bigotry to gay couples and to leave orphaned children under the truly depraved clutches of DYFS.

  • button

    You’ve got a good point, Jeff, I have to admit!
    By the way, all of their social services or human services or whatever they’re calling them are part and parcel of the same horrific thing. God willing, I am going to try to send in a qui tam about that eventually. I came into contact with one of the branches of that nest of monsters when I was taking care of my 89 yr old mother before she died. Same brand of psychopaths. Unbelievable!
    Yes, I regret my being flippant in making that remark. But the children are not all orphans.
    The mother in my local neighbors’ situation is a crack-addicted working girl. Everytime she pops one out of the oven, she has an arrangement now with this male gay couple to turn the kid over to them. You don’t know the half of what’s going on.
    My point was not, ironically, being bigotted against gay parents. I have, of course, known gay parents who had natural children of their own, and they were good parents just like anyone else.
    No one ever believes half the things I say about New Jersey. Sometimes I have trouble believing this stuff, too.

  • Marcel Perez

    While children have been mentioned, may I ask a question of anyone more informed on this topic a question?
    Is Michael Jackson claiming these children are his biological offspring? I am somewhat aware of the arrangements he made with at least two women to bear him children; but how do you arrive with tow-headed, blue eyed kids?
    This whole surrogate/marriage/adoption? story has never been fully explained. I think this whole issue of buying children to add to his toy collection is as important a story as the charges made against him now.

  • button

    Marcel, you just put your finger on something crucial in the last paragraph that most people, evidently, don’t care about, at least in New Jersey. Kids are now trophytoys among some yuppie-type male gay couples. Instead of getting a Yorkshire Terrior or Toy Poodle, they’re getting these kids. Since the State doesn’t want to maintain them properly, they’re distributing them instead. Just because two guys have chipped in together to buy a home, doesn’t mean they are good parents. I don’t think I care for their ‘screening’ process, if they even have one.

  • button:
    And what exactly is the “screening process” for a heterosexual couple to have children?
    Or for a heterosexual couple to adopt one of these kids that you claim New Jersey is just hading out?
    And, um, on the media, it’s turned out to be a pretty big story. Drudge? Post? Daily News? Seen any of those lately?

  • Marcel Perez

    Button, et. al:
    Just a comment of clarification about my remark on Michael Jackson’s human toy collecting.
    I meant this statement only as a direct reference to Mr. Jackson and not a valuation of anyone else’s motives for childbearing, surrogate pregnancies or adoption. I’m sure that the substantial majority of the other folks pursuing these ways of becoming parents are more acceptably motivated than the “parent” example Mr. Jackson represents. His is a special case unto itself; and represents, I believe, another case of being able to buy what you want, aside of the rules lesser folks are forced to abide by.
    I hope you cited my statement only to introduce your own point of concern and accept mine in the vain I just described.

  • button

    I believe that many of these couples, usually Yuppy Scum, are toy collecting when it comes to adopting kids. And among them as a subcategory are these mostly male gay couples. This is based on my personal, firsthand observations.
    I live in a neighborhood which has become a magnet for this type of people, probably because most of the residents here are doped up on some kind of drugs. I don’t know the names of many of these drugs but they seem to be pharmaceutical soperifics. Paxtil? Zoltex? etc.

  • I live in a neighborhood which has become a magnet for this type of people, probably because most of the residents here are doped up on some kind of drugs. I don’t know the names of many of these drugs but they seem to be pharmaceutical soperifics. Paxtil? Zoltex? etc.
    That made no sense whatsoever. I guess it’s just example of the thought process that leads one to take a discussion of Michale Jackson’s pederasty and turn it into a blanket condemnation of gay adoption.

  • button

    Just a reminder:
    So far, no hard or credible evidence has been presented in this case. It isn’t illegal to be weird.
    But so far: nothing here but hot air, blue smoke and mirrors.
    Otherwise: zip!

  • KMK

    My Uncle, who is gay, adopted 3 children in the state of NJ. DYFS made him jump through hoops for 3 years before he could adopt. All three children came with psychiatric records the size of telephone books and a bag of meds. Today they are 3 well adjusted boys in highschool without any meds. 2 of them are old enough to date (16 & 18) and do date girls. He made a commitment not a toy purchase. My sister-in-law, straight and married, adopted 6 children in NJ. The first 4 were older all diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD. The last two were babies (3 weeks and 4 weeks) when placed with her and each from the same crack addicted mother. I don’t know how she managed to go the first 9 months with each of them. They went through withdrawals. It was horrible to witness. My long winded point is adopting a child is a commitment. What you see as a purchase or a trophy on their arm might actually be proud parents. It seems to me your judging them just because they are gay. Paxil and Zoloft are antidepressants.

  • Marcel Perez

    “Non traditional” couples or singles find it almost impossible to adopt children from the category of “most desirable”, the kind of children most people would prefer to adopt.
    This category of children poses the lowest risk for medical and psychological problems to prospective, adoptive parents. Not enough people seek out the medically or psychologically challenged children because of the inherent difficulties they will probably present throughout their lives.
    This usually means that these less attractive children will live under institutional cutodianship for the rest of their minor lives. Having lived only one year of life (at age 6) in a foster home, I have some understanding of how it feels not to have a loving, full-time family of your own. You don’t have to be very sophistically aware to understand that someone is being paid to care for you.
    If gay couples or single people can meet all the other standards for adoption qualification, we should be happy that they might seriously consider giving any child with special needs a loving home. This is a better alternative for any child. Just ask any young person who has been shuttled between group homes and foster care.
    There certainly is some risk in placing a child in any home setting, straight or gay. Adoption should not be qualified upon one segment of the society’s fears, prejudices, values or religious beliefs. What is most important is that every child have an opportunity to have a loving home and caring parents. If given a fair chance to flourish in their own family setting, parents and children will all benefit from what the rest of us who are blessed with better fortune simply take for granted.
    The only regrettable thing is that because of social prejudices, these “non traditional” parents don’t have the same pool of prospective children to choose from. In a bitter-sweet irony, the prejudices of others actually improves the opportunity for more children to have real homes.

  • button

    You don’t live in my neighborhood. You don’t live with my neighbors who are mostly very grotesque in one way or another. The people who work for social services who I came into contact with during the past few years were mostly very sadistic monsters.
    Other people have their opinions of me, too. Based mostly on their sick, twisted fantasies, because although I have lived here for fifty years, I have never talked to any of my neighbors in this town with only rare exceptions I could count on one hand.
    The people in my neighborhood manufacture lurid twisted fairytales about other people as a form of entertainment to make them feel better about their own drab, boring lives. And they usually get away with it. This is what we are probably going to be seeing about Jackson– already people on this thread are referring to him as a pederast even though there is no evidence of that.
    I am not opposed to gay people adopting children. I am opposed to distributing or selling children on the same basis as the baby chick law. The state law prohibits the sale or raffle or distribution of baby chicks and rabbits. But the law does not cover baby humans. I am opposed to the distribution or sale of baby humans or the manufacture of baby humans for such transactions.
    Just because your uncle happens to be nice, does not mean this system is working even close to the way a decent system should work.

  • button

    You should not be legally permitted to enter into an arrangement with a working prostitute to have her manufacture several children for you.
    It is truly sad that we have developed such a morally blunted population.

  • button:
    If your neighborhood really is as bad as you make it sound, it might be time to think about moving.

  • Marcel Perez

    You describe your living environment in the most
    depressing of terms. I am tempted to ask you where you live as a precaution to stay away.
    Seriously, don’t you think you are living in a place that only makes you unhappy? Those other folks aren’t going to change or go away.
    If you must stay there, you will probably have to accept other people’s life styles as a nuisance you can overlook in the best interest of your own good mental health.
    I hear a lot of anger in your (voice) and only offer this post as one who only wishes you well.

  • button

    I am in the process of moving. Thank you.
    Maybe that’s why so many of these people around here are taking anti-depressant drugs.
    You know, just taking drugs is an escape. It isn’t improving our society and its criminal practices.

  • button

    By the way, I DO NOT FEEL ANGRY!
    There is NO anger in my voice which you have never IN FACT heard.
    Please do not magically impose your own fantasies and feelings onto me. I don’t appreciate it.
    Thank you.