Substance v style

Substance v style
: Harry quotes Bush’s speech at length and then asks:

…what is exactly the problem with any of this?

What exactly is conservative, isolationist, racist about any of this? I know he has a really bad and unnerving habit of producing an inane looking grin after making a deadly serious comment but looking at the content rather than the delivery, what is the problem?

Democratic revolution? Opposing tyranny? Shake off decades of failed policy in the Middle East? No toleration of oppression? Freedom for all mankind?

Tell me please if I am going mad but didn’t the left used to come out with visions like that?

: He shows a sense of humor, too:

It was pointed out to me that the last noted American to visit London stayed in a glass box dangling over the Thames. (Laughter.) A few might have been happy to provide similar arrangements for me. (Laughter.)