The World Trade Center memorial

The World Trade Center memorial
: I was so happy to see the report in the New York Times that the World Trade Center memorial jury wants all 5,200 entries displayed after they announce the eight finalists this week.

In some way, I think that display will be the most fitting and most touching memorial, for it will show the care, compassion, and love of those thousands devoting to remembering the thousands who died.

As I’ve said before, once the announcement is made, I will put up the text of my proposal here.

: I returned home last night to find an envelope with the return address “World Trade Center” and I recoiled as if this were some sort of sick snail spam.

Of couse, it wasn’t; it was a letter from the World Trade Center Health Registry — of which I’m a big supporter — giving me some information about the program. (If you were there that day and haven’t registered, do it here.)

I was surprised at my reaction. I had thought — no, assumed — that whatever is built at that site should, of course, be called the World Trade Center. But I realize that those words are so weighted down with emotion, sorrow, fear, and symbolism — I look at my own response to seeing those words in a dignified font on an envelope — that I now wonder what the name of that place should be. Opening that can of worms gives me another sense of dread — the last thing I want to see is some jingoistic name. (“American Freedom Center”) But I do wonder now about a change.

: UPDATE: Greg Allen points out that an exhibit of all the memorial entries would easily fit in Javits Convention Center.

So when will it be held?