Danger, danger

Danger, danger
: Om Malik says that VCs are getting antsy in invest in blogs. That might sound sweet but beware: Blogs are essentially small and when big guys invest they expect big returns and when the returns aren’t big then blogs will have cooties. Nick Denton has issued that warning.

Om does say that Technorati is rumored to be getting an investment and that would be good news because it could grow more services. And, like Blogger, it clearly needs to get its operational act together, for days go by without updates (and I keep getting ripped off on the Top 100 list, he said selfishly).

: UPDATE: A VC responds. Says Fred Wilson:

Well maybe we’ll invest in some blogging stuff. Most likely it will be aggregation sites like Technorati and others. And tools for blogging like Six Apart and others. I doubt VCs will invest directly in blogs because most blogs are too niche for VC returns.

But i think the bigger impact for VCs will be in using blogging to talk about what they are interested in, get intelligence, network, etc. That’s a big reason why i blog.