Can do

Can do
: J Krank, blogging from Bulgaria, finds deeper meaning in the story to which Glenn Reynolds linked about soldiers who used money they found to rebuild Iraq on their own:

They didn’t steal the money.

You remember the film “Three Kings,” where disaffected angst-ridden grunts went off on their own in search of gold? I mean, they were stuck there in some sort of ‘war,’ and the crisis they face is whether to help the citizens or succumb to greed. It was very 90’s, and brilliant and all that?

Let’s repeat this: A squad found tons of money lying around…

…they started to spend it…on others…without orders.

They didn’t steal the money!

You think they’ll make a movie of that?

Their honesty is simply taken for granted. It shouldn’t be. It’s not how the rest of the world works.

What they did is both outrageous and thoroughly American.

So is not realizing it.