Advertising to the influencers

Advertising to the influencers
: Henry Copeland, founder of Blogads, sends this groundbreaking news:

John Kerry’s campaign just bought ads on four blogs — you can see them running soon on Atrios, Politicalwire, Blogshares and Talkingpointsmemo.

This is the first presidential campaign advertising targetting blog readers. It will not be the last.

Jeff Jarvis gets my particular thanks for speaking so warmly of blog advertising at his session at Bloggercon. As Jeff likes to say: “bloggers are influencers talking to influencers,” and Jeff’s words did influence Kerry’s rep in the crowd.

Blog advertising is proving itself. Blog readers are passionate, influential and highly networked. Ads on Talkingpointsmemo have been averaging clickthrus near 2%. Atrios now has eleven ads running, proving that when it comes to advertising, more IS better. (Would Times Square work with only one billboard?)…

Tell the enemies of your enemies — 5 million influential ad views a month cost <$3000.

: UPDATE: Josh Marshall talks about deciding to accept candidates’ ads.

: And here’s Atrios on his ad policy.