When the audience advertises to itself

When the audience advertises to itself
: There’s an old rule about preaching a sermon that advises: Tell them what you’re going to tell them… Tell them… Then tell them what you’ve told them.

Now marketing — particularly and led by political marketing — is twisting that 180 degrees in this age of me media: We’ll ask you what you want to hear…. You’ll tell us what you want to hear… Then we’ll have you tell yourselves what you want to hear.

At Bloggercon, the DNC said the use weblogs and interactivity to hear voters tell the party what the party already believes so the party can then turn around and convince more voters of this belief using voters’ words.

Yesterday, many of us reported on MoveOn’s contest to have the audience create Bush-smashing commercials to play to the audience to smash Bush.

Now Steven Johnson (who tried to create his own political commercial recently) reports that the Dean campaign is having the voters come up with a slogan for voters to shout.

What goes around comes around in whole new ways.