The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center
: The Port Authority has announced that the World Trade Center PATH station will reopen on Nov. 23. The same train that was the last to go there — the train I was on — will be the first to go there again.

I want to be on that train. Oh, how I want to be on that train.

: They have also announced that finalists for the memorial competition will be announced by Nov. 17. As soon as they are announced and all of us contestants are freed from our silence, I will put up my entry here.

: Tonight, I sat with a table of very nice people at a journalism confab and quite to my surprise, 9/11 came up and I ended up telling my story again. It’s always hard, but still gratifying to talk about it.

I went to dinner off-kilter for many reasons and talking about this with people who cared oddly helped.

Every day brings another reminder: Life has changed.