: I think George Bush just coined a new word for the suicide bombers (I call them human bombs) terrorizing the Middle East. In his press conference, he called them “suiciders.” I thought it was a slip and then he called them that again. “Suiciders.”

“Murderers” is still more accurate.

  • A google search shows some past usage of the word:
    A quick scan of the results shows it being used to describe mideast suicide bombers, Japanese kamikaze pilots, and people with a normal, everyday death wish.
    It reminds me of when I started seeing “suspenser” and “actioner” being used on movie jackets during my two year tour with Blockbuster.

  • Anonymous

    I’d vote for ‘suicide murderers’, as I was quoted in Norman Geras’ blog:

  • Sandy P.

    I still like splodydopes.
    Can you imagine the tizzy the LLL would be in if he used that term?

  • How about hate-filled-islamonut-stupid-enough-to-think-that-he-will-get-72-virgins-if-he-kills-a-few-defenseless-women-and-children,-boy-is-he-going-to-be-surprised-to-wake-up-in-Hell?
    No go?
    How about Homicider?

  • You will remember a few months back Bush called them “homicide bombers,” and had everyone in the Administration repeat it for a time. Even the right-wing press used it for a time…but it didn’t work.
    So now he’ll try suiciders.

  • Greg

    They should definately be called N’Sync. It would be the only justice in this world.

  • He’s been saying it since at least September when he spoke with Brit Hume on FOX: “What is necessary to defeat that sentiment that causes people to be suiciders and just kill innocent people for the sake of religion or a fake religion?” Now, was he also misspeaking when he called Islam a fake religion?

  • cardeblu

    I actually prefer the old-fashioned term “homicidal maniacs.”
    “Terrorist” sounds too chic for these people.
    “Homicide bombers” is too clumsy.
    “Suiciders” could mean just that one person dying, which is not the case.
    Nope, these are people who willingly commit homicide with all of the psychopathological manifestations of severe mania.

  • How about: group serial killer? Because after all, it is a group movement bent on one group of people after another group of people.

  • Correction:
    How about: group serial killer? Because after all, it is a group movement bent on killing one group of people after another group of people.

  • “fake religion”?
    I think he was thinking more of islamonut-style islam. Like i think Klansmen are fake Christians, because they must have slept in on that day when they were going to cover the golden rule in sunday school. Same difference.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the idea in play is that suicide is a deplored state in Islam

  • Marcel Perez

    I believe dub-ya just slips back into his everyday usages occasionally, especially when speaking off the cuff. Once you make a public gaff the natural thing to do is make it seem like you’ve purposely coined a new word or expression by using it again and hope someone else picks it up and gives it credibility. I can just hear the term “do-gooders” coming next. Of course that would be used in a different context.
    How about “do-badders” “know not what they do-ers” “deathsquad-ers”?
    Suiciders really doesn’t desribe the people sacrificing their lives for what they see as an ultimate act of commitment to a cause. They are not simply committing suicide. I can’t think of any word that fully describes these people.
    Suicide bombers may be a little clumsy but still more appropriate.