New Hampshire bound

New Hampshire bound
: In no time flat, Josh Marshall raised more than enough money to send him to New Hampshire to cover the primary exclusive for his weblog readers. The audience has spoken!

  • Andrew

    Josh Marshall and I disagree on practically everything, but I think what he’s doing is great. I think his plan to prepare a budget, review the contributions, and contact everyone who donated after donations exceeded his budget to see if they want a refund is perfect. In fact, I’m donating to his site because he’s taking that approach.

  • It’s so far cost me thousands of dollars to drive from L.A. to Maine to TN, and all I’ve gotten out of it is a couple Instalanches.
    If anyone wants me to cover something, I’m driving through AR, OK, TX, NM, and AZ and I’ve got a tent so your contributions will go a lot further than with Josh “Holiday Inn” Marshall.