Going too far

Going too far
: I worry about the fate of free speech in this country — not because of governmental interference, not because of that most overused word, “censorship,” but because people in power are skittish about opinions, terrified of controversy, cowed by political correctness, and most of all driven to avoid at all costs the ultimate sin of the age: offending.

Gregg Easterbrook said something offensive, deeply offensive: In panning the movie Kill Bill, he criticized the studio heads who released the film as “Jewish executives” who “worship money above all else.” Webloggers everywhere — and his editor at The New Republic — castigated him publicly. Easterbrook apologized as abjectly and sincerely as he could, as well he should have. (Here are more links from Glenn Reynolds.)

Now Roger Simon tells us that Easterbrook was fired by ESPN for his sin.

Those who criticized Easterbrook say that ESPN went too far.

Says Simon: “I don