How to?

How to?
: I need some music advice. I now own the Treo 600 Palm phone. I want to download (legal) music (paying for one song at a time, not by subscription) and use the phone as a player (it will take stereo headphones and a 512meg SD card). But…

: iTunes, I assume, supports only the iPod. True?

: BuyMusic spits out only WMAs and the recommended Treo player, Pocket-Tunes, plays only MP3s (and Ogg Vorbis).

So what do I do? Which download service shold I use? Which Palm player software should I use?


: People are telling me I have to burn a CD and then rip the CD and then convert the file and then I can get it on my Palm.

Gawd, can’t the industry get this right? I want to buy their frigging music and they’re making it impossible!

: UPDATE: Looks as if Musicmatch is the thing for me: works in MP3; works with portable players besides the iPod. Any comment?