How to?

How to?
: I need some music advice. I now own the Treo 600 Palm phone. I want to download (legal) music (paying for one song at a time, not by subscription) and use the phone as a player (it will take stereo headphones and a 512meg SD card). But…

: iTunes, I assume, supports only the iPod. True?

: BuyMusic spits out only WMAs and the recommended Treo player, Pocket-Tunes, plays only MP3s (and Ogg Vorbis).

So what do I do? Which download service shold I use? Which Palm player software should I use?


: People are telling me I have to burn a CD and then rip the CD and then convert the file and then I can get it on my Palm.

Gawd, can’t the industry get this right? I want to buy their frigging music and they’re making it impossible!

: UPDATE: Looks as if Musicmatch is the thing for me: works in MP3; works with portable players besides the iPod. Any comment?

  • The two options to extract an MP3 from an AAC file bought on iTunes are:
    Burn a CD and re-rip as MP3
    Use Toast to create a Disc Image and re-import into iTunes. You save the disc this way, but you will have to manually add the track info that was previously there.
    PocketTunes is the player of choice as far as I know on Palm. I haven’t used it much other than a test on my Tungsten C, as I prefer my iPod.

  • Apple is releasing iTunes for Windows.

  • joy

    MommaBear, the “problem” is that the iTunes store only sells .AAC files. Technically superior technology, but incompatible with most mp3 players. Thusly, Jeff would have to re-rip the music he bought.
    But the good news is that in iTunes you can rip a disc into either mp3 or aac format. So if Jeff has CDs at home he wishes to rip, he can do that easily into mp3s.

  • As I recall from my PC experience… MusicMatch was the best of the pre-iTunes software. If all you want to do is move music you own from a jukebox to a player, Treo or other, any of the options should work. It’s the purchased music that is the issue as you have to work with the limits of each systems’ DRM.

  • Jonathan:
    THanks. I want to be able to move the songs I BUY via MusicMatch to my Palm. Think I’ll be able to?
    (I’m asking all this before I invest even more in my overpriced Treo and buy a bigger SD card.)

  • nache

    I just installed MusicMatch’s basic player but was unable to register an account. I keep getting this error:
    Your session has ended due to inactivity.
    Additional Info: Couldn’t find 3-letter language code for rs1_4c61281f089
    Finding the button to register an account on their basic player wasn’t easy and it’s impossible to find a link on their homepage to register. I tried contacting technical support but they don’t offer support via email unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. Yeah, right.