Rebel media

Rebel media
: The core staff of Time Inc.’s Trans World Skateboarding mag walked out because they were being forced through the corporate meatgrinder.The WSJ reports:

“The blueprint they are using is like Burger King and Wal-Mart and it’s like, look man, you have a bunch of kids who are nuts and you can’t put them in this corporate mold,” says Mike Mihaly, the magazine’s former general manager who quit earlier and is helping to found the new publication. He is starting it with TransWorld Skateboarding’s former editor in chief and photo editor, among others.

All this would be a sideshow on the fringes except for one thing: Since the beginning of the year, the magazine through August had logged more ad pages than BusinessWeek, TV Guide and Time (albeit at lower rates).

As a former Time Inc. burger myself, I find this hilarious and somehow gratifying.

  • clee

    I love this story. One thing I think many people are missing is just how much young people are rejecting all the marketing and media consumerism. My 17 year old son who is a BMX rider (similiar to boarders) shops at the Salvation Army, could care less about the latest fads and lives a pretty clean life. I think this generation and their values are completely missed by the mainstream media. Good for the staff at this mag for living up to their beliefs. Too bad more of us older folks don’t do the same thing.

  • rachel

    If the staff was really living up to their beliefs, they wouldn’t sell ad space. I’m the first to condemn TIMEInc’s dead hand, but spare me the delicacy about making money.

  • I don’t think this was act about denouncing money. It was about rejecting the corporate culture first and foremost.
    Obviously, they understand the value of the dollar and how it will drive their new publication’s success (or not) – otherwise they wouldn’t start another publication.
    You’ve got your criticism pointed in the wrong direction.

  • old maltese

    You’re a burger, Jeff? Cool.

  • does the new publication need a 30-something photographer who just stepped onto her first skateboard this past summer and is loving everything about it?