The Daily Him

The Daily Him
: Glenn Reynolds — like the French McDonald’s — tells you not to read just him and to have a more balanced news diet:

I don’t have much trouble resisting people’s efforts to bully me into advancing their agendas. What worries me more, in a way, are the friendly emails from people saying that they get all their news from InstaPundit.

Don’t do that! It’s “InstaPundit,” not “InstaNews Service.” …

What you get here — as with any blog — is my idiosyncratic selection of things that interest me, as I have time to note them, with my own idiosyncratic comments. What’s more, to the (large) extent that it’s shaped by my effort to play up stories that Big Media are ignoring, it’s even more idiosyncratic. I hope you like it, but making it your sole source of news is probably not a good idea.

Right. There are a few reasons why blogs will not replace journalism as we knew it — because old journalism gives us reporters with the training and support to go get facts and old journalism tries to package the news in a comprehensive and reliable way. That’s not to say one couldn’t create such a product out of blog technology — but that’s not what the big blogs are and I wouldn’t want them to try to be. What makes the bloggers I enjoy so enjoyable is that they are idosyncratic; they have personality. In a word: Blogs are human.