No-speed chase

No-speed chase
: I’m watching a no-speed chase in L.A. on FoxNews right now: The perp isn’t moving and when she is, she merely creeps or goes around in crazy circles.

Could this be the result of skyrocketing gas prices: Cops and robbers can’t afford bad fuel economy?

Turns out, the lady just got out of a mental institution (a bit too soon, I’d say).

As I’m watching, a few colleagues come into the office to catch the, uh, action with me.

One turns to the other and says: “David, here in New York, those people aren’t in cars. They’re in subways.”

: Now she’s proving to be a Pied Piper; there’s a parade of pedestrians (yes, they exist there) following her. I half expect to seem them waving to the choppers above.