Bye-bye Bush?

Bye-bye Bush?
: Says a new Newsweek poll:

The survey released Saturday showed that 49 percent of registered voters would not back the president for a second term if the vote were held now. Forty-four percent would support Mr. Bush’s re-election.

The poll marked the first time in a Newsweek survey that supporters of Mr. Bush were out-numbered by those who would not like to see him back remain in office….

The Newsweek report attributed the decline in the president’s popularity to public disenchantment over the Iraq war. The poll found 69 percent of respondents said they were concerned that the United States will be bogged down for many years in Iraq without achieving its goals there. …

However, 61 percent still believe the United States was right to take military action against Iraq in March.

The war was a success. But the peace is hell.