Gawlee, Guber, it’s that Gawker girl

Gawlee, Guber, it’s that Gawker girl
: (one of my day-job services) has a story about our own Elizabeth Spiers, known here as the editor of Gawker, known there as “that Wetumpka girl.”

Some of her Gawker dialogue might be considered a little risque for a Wetumpka girl, but fortunately for Spiers, her parents don’t spend much time surfing the Internet.

“They kind of vaguely know that I have a media job,” she says. “But they don’t really have any concept of what Gawker is or what its audience is or really even who 90 percent of the people we talk about are.

“It’s really not racy for here, but I think it’s very racy for there.”

: Where the hell is Wetumpka? Well, halfway between Riddle and Brassel Bottom, and a mere spit away from Eclectic and just down the road from Liberty, Friendship, Seman, and Kid.