A world with editors?

A world with editors?
: Tim Porter gazes at the editorial navel and asks: “Who edits the blog? If it’s not edited, then is it journalism? And, if it is, then is it blogging?” He defines journalism as editing, as a process of selection, by editors.

I disagree.

Journalism is first and foremost reporting: getting the facts, getting them right. Editors can help, of course. But without reporters, editors are nothing.

Journalism is, second, comment, which includes questioning.

In weblogs, the audience acts as editor by selecting, commenting, questioning. It’s still journalism.

So, yes, journalism can be journalism without editing.

Dave Winer insists a blog isn’t a blog with editing.

I don’t buy that, either, for I know the issues newspapers have to worry about: reputation and libel and such; they depend on editors, who may take away the immediacy of blogs but add comfort.

Is a blog without an editor journalism? Of course.

Is a blog with an editor journalism? Sure.