The Memorial

The Memorial
: Via Greg Allen, here’s Newsday’s report on progress in selecting finalists for the design of the September 11th memorial:

The board authorized $937,300 Thursday for as many as eight memorial finalists to develop models and three-dimensional computerized designs. Finalists will be chosen this fall from the 5,200 designs submitted to the agency….

The 13 members of the memorial jury, chosen by LMDC officials to select the winning memorial, have begun indicating their preferences, according to a source familiar with the process. Each jury member places a dot on the memorial design boards he or she likes, and the designs with no dots are excluded from further consideration, the source said.

The jury is expected to choose a winner sometime in October or November.

I hope that they find a way to display not just eight but hundreds of the design proposals, in an exhibition, and in a book. The flood of love and care will be healing.

: As Greg also points out: “The competition’s gag rule has thrown approximately 5,199 of 5,200 people into a weird, cagey limbo; we really want to talk about our entries, but don’t want to get disqualified. Maybe we should form Entrants Anonymous.”

Once I don’t make the cut, I’ll post my entry here.