Weblogs and big-time news

Weblogs and big-time news
: Let the record show that weblogs were handy — no, critical — to our news operation in the aftermath of the Great Blackout.

Because the power surge fried a part that still has not arrived [Cisco sucks. Cisco sucks.] we could not update our sites.

So the editors of one of our services, NJ.com, created the Blackout Blog and we pointed all our home pages to that weblog to keep the audience updated.

Next, the editors of our regional web services put up their own local weblogs with news from the papers and the wires and we pointed to them. See AL.com‘s, OregonLive‘s, Masslive‘s, Nola.com‘s, Syracuse.com‘s, and MLive.com‘s.

Weblogging is, after all, just the product of the world’s easiest, fastest, cheapest publishing tool connected to the history’s best distribution network and it works even for the big boys.