More blackout

More blackout
: Just watched some great video-of-the-people from inside a subway car on WNBC. You see the conductor explaining what’s happening; you see the people sweltering; you see them escaping to the street. This is how news will be reported, before you know it: Witnesses to news, armed with the tools of newsmen.

: Times Square is dark. It’s a tourist attraction.

: TV reporter says to tourist: “You’re from California, so you might be used to this sort of thing.” Yup, California, the screwed-up state.

: What’s amazing — and frightening — is that we still don’t know the cause. Our frigging power went out across the Northeast and we don’t have any idea how it happened? The Prime Minister of Canada says it’s a fire in a ConEd plant in New York. New York denies that. The PM says it’s lightning in Canada. The PM says it’s another plant in Canada. Now I hear the PM saying it’s a nuclear plant in Pennsylvania.

They have no frigging idea.