The blackout

The blackout
: Mayor Mike Bloomberg said on the radio that the city had set up emergency shelters and they put the addresses on the city’s web site.


: Jersey City was oddly quiet. Spooky quiet.

Right afterward, I saw a huge plume of smoke coming from the power plant just west of the office (we were told later that that’s normal when they shut down). We went to the roof and saw black smoke coming from Manhattan and more coming from Bayonne.

Of course, I thought, “Not again.”

: Well, this apparently isn’t an act of terrorism. But it certainly demonstrated to bad guys how easy it would be to bring down the Northeast of America.

: It doesn’t look like we learned a lot on September 11. The evacuation of New York is a frigging mess — worse than it was then.

: I just got home, in western New Jersey, where we have power. Damn, I’m glad I didn’t have to go into Manhattan today. I’m glad about that every day.

: The intrepid technical and editorial staff at drove in a caravan down to our server facility to update our sites manually.