The believe-it-or-not blog

The believe-it-or-not blog
: Jayson Blair should start a blog.

No, that’s not a punchline.

The guy had talent. Now he has infamy.

He was going to write that movie review for Esquire on “Shattered Glass,” based on the book by fellow liar-journalist Stephen Glass.

I thought it was questionable taste and judgment to make the assignment in the first place. It was a sight gag at Blair’s expense and he lacked enough pride to go along with it.

Now Esquire killed the assignment because word of it got out, ruining the gag.

Gothamist says says Esquire “shafted” Blair; that may be a bit strong; they probably shafted him by making the assignment.

The guy’s not going to get assignments, not for a long time.

So Blair should start a weblog, where he can say what he wants, where you can read it or not and believe it or not.

This is, after all, a world without editors.

: Update: Now they can use Treacher’s review instead.