Guvunuh Ahnuld

Guvunuh Ahnuld
: So he’s running. This is going to be entertaining.

  • Chris Josephson

    I bet he wins. I also bet people will be disappointed when they discover California’s problems can’t be solved by one person. Doesn’t California have a legislature? Don’t they share the responsibility with the governor and citizens of solving California’s problems?
    I imagine if California’s problems could be solved by one person, the current governor would have made more progress towards solving them. I would not want to be the governor or a legislature in California right now. No matter what is done to dig them out of the hole, nobody will be satisfied in the short term because they have to cut spending and raise taxes. Two very unpopular tasks.
    Can a state declare bankruptcy? If it can, California should if it would allow more time to repay the debts and/or reduce the debt.

  • Dishman

    California has line-item veto. The governor has a lot of power against a hostile legislature.

  • And you N’yawkers are gonna be green with envy. Nyahnyahnyahnyahnyah!