Georgie porgie

Georgie porgie
: George Clooney put up a shrine to Joe Biden on his own web site (amazing that he could fit in in, what with all the pictures of George there):

Being one of the few men qualified to restore democracy to America following the demoralization of it’s [sic] people, destruction of the environment, destabilization of the economy, and dishonor in the world community, it is certainly our hope that he will do so.

  • Chris Josephson

    I’m not a ‘Bushie’ or a fan of any political party. Have no political banner to uphold. Having said that I’d like to comment on the nonsense people like Clooney spout. I went to his website and couldn’t take very much of what’s there.
    “Restore Democracy to America”?? I never realized it needed restoring. Are people being arrested for voting? Are we under martial law? Just because you don’t like the current leadership and policies doesn’t mean we’ve entered the Dark Ages. How over the top can you get?
    I wonder how people like George would describe a country that actually had Democracy removed? Actually, he may not be allowed to describe it if Democracy were removed.
    All one has to do is look at the mess that is California right now to see Democracy, warts and all, in action. You may not like what’s taking place, and it’s messy, but it’s Democracy right there in living color. I’m not saying it’s the perfect type of Democracy people may want, but imperfect people have imperfect Democracy. When we’re perfect, we’ll have perfect Democracy. Until then, we’re stuck with imperfect and messy.
    I also find the notion that we should look to one person or one party for the solution to all our problems, disturbing. If we believe we’ll ever have one person or party usher in Nirvana and correct *all* our problems, we’re ripe for a dictator. I so hate election time when people start talking about candidate X as if he/she can walk on water, or when candidate X tries to convince us he/she can.

  • infamouse

    Joe Biden? Joe Biden of Ye Olde Rave Act? Yeah, George, I don’t think he’s the guy to restore civil liberties. Why is it so difficult to find a decent Democratic nominee? Why God? Why?

  • Chris Josephson

    I’m hoping the Democratic party has a strong candidate for president. I hate when we don’t have a real choice. I feel they may not field one though because many refuse to believe the front runners don’t speak to the majority of US citizens.
    They are too blinded, IMHO, by the desire to obtain revenge and hatred for Bush. Many Democratic decision makers must only talk to like minded people because they sure don’t seem to understand the average voter.

  • All of this reminds me of Barbra Streisand’s “wonderful” speech around the time of Mr. Clinton’s inauguration:
    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty we’re free at last!”
    I hadn’t realized that slavery had returned to America in 1988.
    It is precisely this sort of mentality that makes my personal #1 voting rule be never vote for Democrats. About the only exceptions are Jim Trafficant who is in prison, and my county commissioner, but he left the Democratic Party to become an independent.
    When the Democrats come to view ALL individual liberties as being worthwhile and decide that the Constitution is not a legislative inconvenience but is instead a much needed restraint on governmental power, then I will consider their candidates.