The Gawker Girl

vargagirl2003.jpgThe Gawker Girl
: So Gawker has added personals and this young woman is now pictured on the home page: Want a date with her? Want to go to the coolest Gawker hangout or perhaps the Conde cafeteria? Want to get matching trucker hats?

Why do I smell ringer? Surely, they hired an actress to portray the perfect Gawker Girl, no? Surely, they wrote her personal:

Favorite on-screen sex scene

The directors cut of ‘Lilo & Stitch’ or ‘Anal encounters 2’, it’s always been a tough call.

Surely, she can get a date.

Ah, but then perhaps she snarks them away. Yes, that’s why she’s the Gawker Girl.

Note the other pictures on her personal: The guy with the arm around her unceremoniously amputated at the shoulder.

Date her if you dare.