Politics v. sex

Politics v. sex
: Lest we all get cocky, those of us living in the high-altitude, low-oxygen environs of this here Blogosphere, lest we think we’re the biggest thing in blogs, lest we think we’re changing the world, we should first note that according to the NITLE blog census this LiveJournal creation is the most-linked-to blog in English. An excerpt:

SCREW YOU ALL, EX-BOYFRIENDS!! you all regret it within a week or two anyways…or as soon as i find someone new…regardless of if you know i have found someone new.



i a feeling better about the breaking up than i was two days ago…the sprks boy took care of me the first two nights, and last night i was just tired and did laundy before the trip. one night here, and then i head home for a week at the beach with my kim kim.

i have nothing majorly inspirational to say right now…nothing that will make the world seem like a better place, but every time i actually have a chance to update my beloved little lj, i like to add something.

Yes, that’s what life is about: boyfriends, laundry (sic), and the beach with kim kim — not the BBC and the second amendment and Howard Dean and Paul Krugman and RSS.