: Dan Gillmor found this little ap for a Mac that I want for my PC — namely, the ability to copy multiple items into memory (“clipboards,” the parlance) on one window and then move to another window and paset multiple items from memory. It is the blogger’s dream: copy the url here then one quote and then another and then the author’s impossible-to-remember name and then go over to your blog and paste each into a post. I want that. I used to be able to do that on my old steam-powered, coal-fired newspaper editorial systems. Surely, there’s some way to do it on an all-powerful PC?

: Silly me: A commenter has me read down the page and find a Windows version.

What I meant to say was: Why the hell isn’t this built into the browser or the operating system (now that they’re the same)? That is, I should be able to simply hit control and c and then a number or any letter of the keyboard and save something at that address.

In the meantime, I’ll try this ap.

: UPDATE: Damn, this changed my life!

All you do is (1) download and install the aforelinked ap, (2) when you cut or paste, just hit a number from 1 to 99 before you let up on the control key, (3) pay these people $20 out of eternal gratitude.

To hell with sliced bread.

  • Mark

    Microsoft Office has had this functionality for several years now.

  • If you’re not sticking within Office, you might check out Clipboard Buddy.
    It keeps a list of your 20 most recently copied items (text, images, etc.), and you can increase that list limit up to 100 if you want. From that list, you can copy and paste into other documents. It sits in your systray, and you can also set it up to load a list of “frequently pasted items” on startup. Not a bad little program, and it’s free.

  • Mike G

    Clearly you need a new G5 just for this.
    But actually, looks to me like there’s a Windows version of this very program on that same page you link to. No?

  • I just downloaded the clipboard buddy.
    I like it. No more jumping back and forth to windows to grab URLs and blockquotes.
    This new-fangled technology is a wonder.

  • Or you might want to take a look at Clipomatic.

  • You might want to check out ClipMate- I’ve used it for several years to do exactly what you’re doing.