: Britain reacted the pictures of the dead Saddam sons differently. The Mirror plastered the corpses onto the front page (and evil the Mirror admitted that they were evil). Yesterday, for awhile, the Guardian had them on the home page.

Here in the U.S., CNN and my own sites put them behind a linked that warned of the graphic nature: see them if you wish.

But leave it to The Sun to have the last laugh. Their headline: “Rest in pieces”

: Update: Now the U.S. says it will allow reporters to videotape the bodies just to absolutely completely utterly fully once and for all without a shred of doubt in this universe or the next convince skeptical Iraqis that the SOBs are dead.

Next, the bodies will be shipped to Madame Tussaud’s so they can become a New York tourist attraction.

: Update: And there’s this from the Telegraph:

The brothers’ bodies will be kept at the morgue until a member of their family comes to claim them.

Saddam calling.

  • zvx

    I would pay to see them in Madame Tussaud’s, so long as they were presented as they were at their death (not cleaned up). Better yet, perhaps they should be embalmed (purely for better ‘keeping’)and impaled on stakes in central Baghdad – that I would happily pay to see.

  • Myles

    “When your enemy falls, be not glad; and when he stumbles, let your heart not be joyous. Lest God see and it displease Him and He will turn His wrath from him [to you].” (Proverbs 24:17-18; Avot 4:24)

  • What Myles said. If we want to prove they’re dead, we should show them and the evidence to 100 or so tribal leaders and other respected Iraqis. Then they can tell the people. While spreading the rumor that OBL has been wrapped in pigskin might be effective, there’s no such good effect to be gained from desecrating their bodies. I realize thinking long-term is occasionally difficult, but it wouldn’t be a good thing if 100 years from people are still talking about the American assholes who mistreated their remains.

  • T. Hartin

    Myles, I don’t think we were showing their bodies to gloat. I think we were showing their bodies to prove they were dead for very good strategic and political reasons. Remember, we could have done much much worse than clean up the corpses and photograph them.
    God will not turn his face from us for trying to release the Iraqis from their fears and cause our enemies to lay down their arms in despair.
    As for what the denizens of the benighted regions of the world may have to say about our showing their bodies – well, a lot of them hate us no matter what we do. Their sudden concern for the niceties of the funerary arts seems a little forced given their glee when American corpses are dragged through the streets. The important audience for this was the Iraqis. Most of them are disappointed that the two sons got off so easy, so I don’t think that they are offended that we photographed the bodies.