: Britain reacted the pictures of the dead Saddam sons differently. The Mirror plastered the corpses onto the front page (and evil the Mirror admitted that they were evil). Yesterday, for awhile, the Guardian had them on the home page.

Here in the U.S., CNN and my own sites put them behind a linked that warned of the graphic nature: see them if you wish.

But leave it to The Sun to have the last laugh. Their headline: “Rest in pieces”

: Update: Now the U.S. says it will allow reporters to videotape the bodies just to absolutely completely utterly fully once and for all without a shred of doubt in this universe or the next convince skeptical Iraqis that the SOBs are dead.

Next, the bodies will be shipped to Madame Tussaud’s so they can become a New York tourist attraction.

: Update: And there’s this from the Telegraph:

The brothers’ bodies will be kept at the morgue until a member of their family comes to claim them.

Saddam calling.