Men’s room

Men’s room
: Pedram finds this gem of a comment from an Iranian reader on the Farsi section of the BBC’s web site:

“Our country is free and democratic and people enjoy complete social freedoms. The internet is a scientific phenomena and if used properly, it is a noble element. This regime is not against science. Mr. Khamenei himself owns several sites. The important factor is how it is used. In my opinion, if chat rooms are divided into separate men and ladies rooms it will be better and could prevent spread of moral corruption.”

  • Sounds like a government flunky posting.
    I liked a comment by an Iranian made some time ago (over on Glen Frazier’s blog, IIRC) in response to a similar post claiming Iran had freedom of speech He said (paraphrasing):
    Yes, Iranian people have freedom of speech, it’s freedom after speech we don’t have.

  • someguy

    A while back, I saw a post from an Iranian on the BBC’s “Have Your Say” regarding recent student uprisings.
    The post said something like this: “We are blessed to live under the grace of Sharia, who would need an opinion of their own?”
    It’s probably the same guy ;)

  • In the original weblog, Khakestari (the group weblog in which I and my colleagues write), a comment reads:
    “A chatroom is not a bathroom to be seperated and labeled as a men or a women room.”

  • Right, sure they do. That’s why Iran is now arresting its citizens who blog. Read about it here:
    Jennifer Martinez sends

  • M. Simon

    He says nothing about immoral corruption.
    Now I ask you which is worse moral corruption or immoral corruption?
    One must keep in mind the definition of an honest Chicago politician: one who stays bought.