It’s a boomer thing, you wouldn’t understand

It’s a boomer thing, you wouldn’t understand
: Roger L. Simon insightfully sees more in l’affaire BBC/Blair (and NYTimes/Blair before it): It’s a generational thing, about authority and jealousy. It’s one of those rare blog posts you can’t summarize in a snippet, so go read.

  • Chris Josephson

    I’m a boomer too. Understood the references!!
    Absolutely loved this:
    “Why has honest reporting virtually vanished from the front pages of our newspapers to be replaced by glorified opinion columns, sometimes acknowledged and sometimes not?”
    It’s so nice to know others ‘get it’. I used to read many papers and watch as many news shows as I could. I don’t bother that much any more. Why? I got tired of having the news interpreted for me. Got tired of being lead by the hand to arrive at some conclusion.
    Tonight I tuned in to “Nightline” because I wanted additional information on Saddam’s sons. Haven’t watched this for some time. Used to be a regular part of my evening routine.
    I was upset as I watched. Here we have a clear case for celebration. We got Saddam’s two sons.
    You’d think the show might spend some time and focus on what these two ‘gentlemen’ did to the citizens of Iraq. Nope.
    We were informed of what happened, with some elaboration. But, because we can’t be allowed to concentrate only on good news from Iraq *for one night*, we were subjected to the usual doom and gloom reports to provide ‘balance’. Ever notice when it *is* bad news from Iraq they don’t try and balance it with good news as much?
    I don’t want good news all the time. I don’t want to only hear how fantastic we’re doing in Iraq! But, is *one night* too much to ask? We got Saddam’s sons! How about some interviews with Iraqis who had been abused by these two? Devote the entire half hour.