Damn, I was going to enjoy that trial

Damn, I was going to enjoy that trial
FoxNews says there’s a 90-95 percent chance that we killed Saddam’s sons in Mosul today.

  • Eli, Jerusalem

    sounds correct.
    we just got here in the radio news
    a confirmation from iraq
    by the officer of the US troops
    Eli, Jerusalem

  • Eli, Jerusalem

    Great operation.
    people are cheering here

  • Rob

    Confirmed! When DNA testing is finished, I hope they get tossed unceremoniously into the nearest dumpster.

  • I, too, wish we could have put them on trial. But I’m glad they lived long enough to know they lost the war. Bastards.

  • David Gillies

    I think a trial would have been a disaster. Smacks too much of ‘victor’s justice,’ and gives all the loonies a stick to beat the Coalition with (by loonies, I mean the whole gamut from the Fedayeen Saddam to Katha Pollitt). If we were to catch Saddam alive the prudent course of action would be for the officer leading the raid to cap him in the back of the neck with his Beretta and then have CENTCOM show the body on Fox, after which it should be burnt and the ashes scattered in the (aptly named) Shatt al-Arab. OK, so it might make him a martyr. But there’s one salient feature that martyrs have: they’re dead.

  • marvin

    Saddam killed to keep order in Iraq and maintain his position. Mr. Gillies says the US should kill Saddam to keep order in Iraq and maintain position.
    Does it have an ending?

  • If they had lived, and had been tried, it would have been handled by the Iraqi governing body established last week, according to what I’ve read about their plans for a war crimes trial court..

  • Chris Josephson

    I’m glad we got them. I too wanted to see the Iraqis put these monsters on trial. Too bad we couldn’t take them alive.

  • Soren Ryherd

    I disagree with the ‘better dead than alive’ crowd. We Americans seem too eager to push for vigilante justice when we operate in other countries. We’d never stand for execution of prisoners in the US, why is it okay in Iraq?
    Besides, I don’t believe that death is half the deterent that trial and life imprisonment is. I realize not everyone feels this way.

  • Myles

    I wish they could have been captured, imprisoned and forced to contemplate their evil deeds for the rest of their existence.

  • Myles

    I’ve just found out that NO attempt was made to take them alive. Anybody think that’s strange?