Ayatollah Fidel


Ayatollah Fidel
: Ayatollah Khamenei showed off a missile that can hit Israel. Get a load of the picture; he looks like Castro surrounded by his drab-green minions.

Iran’s supreme leader on Sunday inaugurated a new ballistic missile that brings Israel within range of the Islamic republic, hailing the event as a key moment in the defence of the Palestinian cause.

“Today our people and our armed forces are ready to defend their goals anywhere,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a ceremony for the elite Revolutionary Guards carried on state television.

“This divine force has answered all threats, and we are witnessing today that this divine force is now doing the same for the Lebanese and the Palestinian people,” he added in the ceremony to bring the Shahab-3 missile into service.

Divine force? A missile? Some man of God, this guy is.