I’m getting Gilmore a button that reads, “I’m a Jerk”

I’m getting Gilmore a button that reads, “I’m a Jerk”
: I’m tired of the Gilmore saga but I can’t resist the discussion in the comments at MemeFirst (which I’ll take out of context):

Matthew: As a well-known lawyer, I’d venture that sort of speech might not be protected, for the same kinds of reasons you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater….

I wonder if there’s a first-amendment satire defense for his badge?

You know, arguing that it’s aaaaaahrt.

Felix: I think airplane captains have the right to throw anybody they want off their plane (well, assuming it’s on the ground, anyway) for any reason: I’d be astonished to hear that Gilmore has any kind of constitutional right to free speech at 30,000 feet. If I don’t like what you’re saying in my house I can kick you out; captains similarly….

Charles: Dunno about in the ‘States, but certainly in the UK you can impersonate a (very) suspected terrorist, crash a party, kiss the second in line to the throne, and still not go to jail. Though he do get chucked out of the party, which may be more to the point.

: And go enjoy Richard Bennett’s comments on the button affair here.

  • For foreigners entering the USA it has always been known that the mere act of uttering the word “bomb” would, and did, on occasion, land them in jail. So all this debate seems superficial: the citizens iof USA are getting the treatment that their country applied to others. So, big deal!

  • Actually, only stupid grandstanding citizens like Gilmore are getting this treatment. Most Americans know the same thing visitors know: that stupid stunts like this will get you in trouble.