I’m getting Gilmore a button that reads, “I’m a Jerk”

I’m getting Gilmore a button that reads, “I’m a Jerk”
: I’m tired of the Gilmore saga but I can’t resist the discussion in the comments at MemeFirst (which I’ll take out of context):

Matthew: As a well-known lawyer, I’d venture that sort of speech might not be protected, for the same kinds of reasons you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater….

I wonder if there’s a first-amendment satire defense for his badge?

You know, arguing that it’s aaaaaahrt.

Felix: I think airplane captains have the right to throw anybody they want off their plane (well, assuming it’s on the ground, anyway) for any reason: I’d be astonished to hear that Gilmore has any kind of constitutional right to free speech at 30,000 feet. If I don’t like what you’re saying in my house I can kick you out; captains similarly….

Charles: Dunno about in the ‘States, but certainly in the UK you can impersonate a (very) suspected terrorist, crash a party, kiss the second in line to the throne, and still not go to jail. Though he do get chucked out of the party, which may be more to the point.

: And go enjoy Richard Bennett’s comments on the button affair here.