A blogger’s prayer

A blogger’s prayer
: Let us pray:

O, Lord, please make Pat Robertson shut up.

You know all his dangerous, hateful, bigoted idiocies.

His latest is to get his poor followers to pray to You to get three U.S. Supreme Court justices to retire. (And only You know what is truly in his dark heart, Lord: He wants them to die.)

Pat Robertson sullies Your name whenever he opens his mouth. He utters idiocies, such as his latest (for he does not understand that trying to involve the state in religion only endangers the freedom to worship You; he does not understand that when religion mixes with governance, the end result is the tyranny of an ayatollah). He utters hateful bile about your children: your gay children, you Muslim children, your liberal children.

He’s a dope, Lord.

So please find a way to muzzle him, Lord. Show him a burning bush and the errors of his ways. Make him become a contemplative monk. Make him become an insurance salesman. Anything. Just please, stop him from speaking in Your name. Shut him up.

Thank you, Lord.