Calling Howard Stern

Calling Howard Stern
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EASTON — In the case of Robert M. Peters Sr., size does matter.

The 47-year-old locksmith from Bangor is accused of exposing himself to a client on June 12, 2002, while making a house call in Bethlehem. Peters’ trial began Monday.

The victim testified that she and Peters were sipping tea after he finished installing a deadbolt lock when she saw Peters’ semi-erect penis sticking three inches past the bottom of his shorts.

That’s impossible, according to defense attorney Gary Asteak.

“She’s mistaken,” Asteak said. “He’s not that big.”

According to Asteak, physician Eric Schoeppner examined Peters and found his penis is only 1 inches long when flaccid and four inches erect.

Just to make sure the measurement wasn’t a mistake, the doctor administered Viagra to Peters and measured again. The penis was still four inches long, Asteak said.

Asteak said he will show the jury photographs to prove his point. Before the trial, he told Northampton County Judge Edward G. Smith he plans to ask Peters to drop his pants and pose for the jury wearing jockey shorts.

“Was she exaggerating?” Asteak asked. “She said it was pretty big. I’ll show you photographs of something pretty small.”