Can’t we all get along … or failing that, just shut up?

Can’t we all get along … or failing that, just shut up?
: I think I speak for many (read: most) bloggers when I say that we don’t really give a shit about the RSS v. Echo wars.

Most mortals — and now that weblogs are widespread, remember that most bloggers are now mortals, not warrior geeks — still don’t fully understand what RSS is or what it does, least of all what it stands for (either version). That doesn’t mean we won’t use it or its variants and depend on them; that doesn’t mean that XML and RSS and Echo are not revolutionary and better than sex. But that’s not the point.

If the leaders of the blogging world keep on fighting about this, it will hurt everyone — not just because there will be confusion about standards and compliance and how and where to get the data and functionality you need but also because it will continue to doom “blogging” to the world of greasy-haired geekdom, not mass-market significance.

So I don’t give a damn who’s right and who’s wrong. I don’t give a damn who started it. I don’t give a damn who’s screwing whom.

I have just one message for all of you:


This fight is getting to be embarrassing and certainly unproductive and probably destructive. It’s tiresome and childish and wearying.

So find a way to get along.

Or some big company will just come in and do it for you.