The power of a brand

The power of a brand
: Wanna feel small? Note that even while he has been gone for a week and has added not a bit to his blog, Glenn Reynolds’ traffic still hovers around 40,000 page views a day.

  • button

    Probably using his links list.

  • Planet Earth experiencing separation anxiety at being abandoned by The Blogfather. Quel horror!

  • T. Hartin

    I go there a couple of times a day for the links list. Pure habit.

  • Mitch H.

    I have to admit I’ve been going there regularly since yesterday, expecting him to be posting upon return.
    I am a sad and underemployed man, I know.

  • It’s convenient to use his blogroll to find sites you haven’t looked at for awhile.

  • KMK

    I have a friend who teaches at a College. She invited me to go to school with her yesterday. As the first class piled in I watched them all take seats. The class started and one guy raised his hand and asked who I was. My friend said I was the person responsible for her blog reading. Weird I thought. To my amazement they lean forward and started asking me questions. How long have you been reading….What was your first blog…..etc. As I looked at them I started noticing their tee shirts. I looked back at my friend and she told me it was tee shirt day. An assignment. They stood up one by one to show their shirts and the class voted on the best ones. The artist of the class had a WWII plane spraying bullets to form BuzzMachine. He won. Another had a shirt that said “My Blog Dad went to the Cayman Islands and all I got was an enjoy the blogs linked over on the left.” Another was Talk Left written down the left side of his shirt. One girl had “blogsphere – glorified chatrooms – you decide.” They threw things at her and booed. After the first class I found out they had a standing monthly assignment, 5 new blogs with their opinion of each. WOW! I had a great time.
    Happy 4th everyone.

  • Gary Utter

    I hit Glenns site a dozen times a day just to see if there is anything new. I continued to do that almost as often while he was on vacation, just in case he posted something.

  • I think what I find so interesting is that even one of the top blogs is only grabbing 40,000 hits a day.
    Hey, that’s a great number. But after seeing Doc Searls talk about the fact that his site gets about 10,000 a day, I keep thinking that in the end, we’re talking about a small universe here.
    Anyone have any idea just how many individual people are actually visiting blogs on a daily basis?