Read this blog. There will be a quiz. It counts toward your grade

Read this blog. There will be a quiz. It counts toward your grade
: KMK posted this in the comments below and I enjoyed it so I copied it here:

I have a friend who teaches at a College. She invited me to go to school with her yesterday. As the first class piled in I watched them all take seats. The class started and one guy raised his hand and asked who I was. My friend said I was the person responsible for her blog reading. Weird I thought. To my amazement they lean forward and started asking me questions. How long have you been reading….What was your first blog…..etc. As I looked at them I started noticing their tee shirts. I looked back at my friend and she told me it was tee shirt day. An assignment. They stood up one by one to show their shirts and the class voted on the best ones. The artist of the class had a WWII plane spraying bullets to form BuzzMachine. He won. Another had a shirt that said “My Blog Dad went to the Cayman Islands and all I got was an [sic] enjoy the blogs linked over on the left.” Another was Talk Left written down the left side of his shirt. One girl had “blogsphere – glorified chatrooms – you decide.” They threw things at her and booed. After the first class I found out they had a standing monthly assignment, 5 new blogs with their opinion of each. WOW! I had a great time.

KMK: Ask your friend whether any of the students graded this blog (and ask where I can buy a Buzzmachine T-shirt!).

  • KMK

    I spent last night reading their comments and the normal year’s comments. Amazing. On the whole most graded your site at some point. These were the comments (short version): Grass roots writing, underdog champion, a realist with none of the “look how smart I am” wording, tells it like he sees it. I should mention the beach cam as they wrote about it on 17 different papers.
    ( It was a hit with them) On a serious note they all wrote about the Iranian links. 1/2 the class time was devoted to talking about it. I asked where the got all the info and they said your site save for one guy who got a link to you from Glenn. They are counting down the days till 7/9. I got a few email address’s one was from the Buzzmachine tee shirt guy. I dropped him an email and he says when he said he’ll make you one. He was a little floored but the artist in him recovered quickly.