Don’t speak too soon

Don’t speak too soon
: The company line from Iran:

Iran’s former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Tuesday described the United States as a ‘dinosaur with a bird’s brain’ and said that the failure of recent unrest in Iran, encouraged by Washington, was yet another disgrace for America, IRNA reported.

We’ll check back with you on July 10, Akbar.

  • Sooth Sayer

    Dear Akbar … let me say some sooth. Regarding IRAQ or any other endeavor of the United States, “the opera ain’t over till the fat lade sings.” I am placing all my betting money on the George W. Bush Administration. Check with you later. PS – if IRAN is developing nuclear weapons under the “protection” of an energy program, you should reconsider quickly. Keep an eye on North Korean as an example.

  • button

    And the ayatollahs are mass murderers like Pol Pot and the others in the list of shame of history. That’s not religion. They’re just poseurs. That’s blood lust.

  • Ramin

    yeah I would like to see Akbar’s reaction on july 10th as well. Some believe that he’s the smartest politician in Iran but I believe he’s just a murderer with lots of dough.