Putting it together, bit by bit…

Putting it together, bit by bit…
: Greg Allen is rushing to finish his World Trade Center memorial proposal and struggling with the tools of the trade, as I did.

Must. Learn. To. Photoshop. Properly.

Must. Learn. Illustrator.

Must. Admit. Powerpoint. Is. Not. A. Real. Graphics. Program.

Must. Say, puffy fabric paint and a scanner is easier than learning Form-Z.

Must. Say, I have newfound appreciation for the way artists’ studios accrete materials and tools. You can’t just go out and buy some of that stuff.

Must. Add, that the world of craft supply stores is actually a solar system of tinier worlds: the claymolding world, the tole painting world, the modelmaking world, the balsa world, the cast-and-paint-your-own-doll-head world, the make-your-own-gel-filled-candles-or-soap world. Oh, and the puffy fabric paint world.

I forced myself to finish mine earlier this week. Went to the newly renamed UPS store. The guy was going to wrap it in four boxes and two miles of bubblewrap. Absolutely, I said; it was my baby. A strange and fulfilling (and frustrating) experience, doing this.