If a navel had eyes…

If a navel had eyes…
: Here’s a blog post about blog posts about blog posts. Doc Searls says:

I’m tired of blogging about blogging. I kinda OD’d on it in Boston a couple weeks back, at the bizblog conference there. Fun as it was, a room full of bloggers blogging about blogging, mostly (it seemed to me at the time) for each other, seemed almost a parody of a parody of itself.

  • Say no more!
    Poetry is the answer. Doggerel poetry. The perfect mental astringent to the ravages of blogging about blogging.
    Now where did I put that URL…..

  • Yep, blogging about people talking about blogging about blogging can be soul-draining. At the Blogtalk confab in Vienna, the local network broke on the second afternoon. With nobody checking e-mail or blogging, the dynamic shifted. We went from trying to reach thousands of people through low bandwidth pipes to interacting with 50 people through unlimited bandwidth connections — laughing, groaning, grinning, arm-crossing, talking. We had a lot more fun unplugged.