Another holiday

Another holiday
: Alt.muslim reports:

This July 4th, leaders of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and the Muslim American Society (not to be confused with the American Muslim Society of Imam W. D. Muhammad, which shared that name until recently) are planning a joint convention in Philadelphia that will be the mother of all patriotic Muslim events.

  • PD

    Patriotic to WHOM???
    To the country that gives them the freedom to assemble in such a convention, or to their Muslim “brothers” who would willingly and happily deprive them of that freedom?
    As the chief high muckety-muck of Saudi Arabia said last year (while I was in S.A. working as a contractor), “The war has already begun. It is a war of virtue vs. freedom.”
    How can anyone find comfort or confidence in the few and far-between moments when the so-called “non-violent” Muslims actually speak up? Since they won’t completely disassociate, no – make that viscerally and immediately excommunicate the extremists and assist in stopping them without reservation, they are party to their acts. They donate money, provide shelter, and support these murderous bloody cretins. The overtly bad guys couldn’t continue without the support of the others.
    Religion of Peace. Right.

  • ICNA and MAS are not huge organizations. MAS was only founded three or four years ago. Unless they’re organizational capabilities have expanded considerably in the past 3 years (and they may have), I’d say that any ISNA or WD.Muhammad gathering would be bigger (and they’re all pretty patriotic).
    ICNA is notionally an American and Canadian organization — I wonder if they will put in some token Canadian patriotism? I doubt it.

  • D2D

    In no way could the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States have been written by muslims. This may be politically incorrect but by no means is it racist. Muslims have been unable to form a democratic government of any kind anywhere. I believe even modern muslims living in the U.S. today would not be able to form a democratic government due to the nature of Islam and their practice of it. Hell, moderate muslims here can’t even bring themselves to condemn murder and terrorism committed by other muslims. This meeting in Philadelphia is just going to be a load of s**t.

  • D2D

    I should amend that by saying that Turkey has a democratic government but being situated as it is at the edge of Europe it has had little choice. And that democratic influence has been western European not Islamic enlightenment. There may be hopeful signs in Albania as well, time will tell.