: Can’t say it better than Fimoculous:

There goes the neighborhood. Ann Coulter: blogger. CoulterGeist, indeed.

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: Wonder whether she’ll update more often than Geraldo (last entry: April 24).

  • CoulterGeist: Because it’s frightening and transparent.

  • D2D

    The express use of someone’s first admendment rights, especially conservative or classical liberal expressions, have always frightened those on the left who believe that our first admendment rights are being eroded. I read somewhere on the blogoshpere that the left’s idea of diversity, and I am paraphrasing, runs from Paul Krugman to Mao. That’s some serious denial of reality.

  • Mitch H.

    If little green footballs can refer to Indymedia as “Nazimedia”, I think the rest of us can mock Coulter mercilessly. For that matter, can we exile her to Nazimedia? I think she’d fit right in…

  • Sgt. Rock

    I like Ann Coulter. She is compelling in a borderline maniacal way. She also wears shorts skirts and has pretty nice legs.

  • D2D

    Instead of mocking her try having a cogent, reasoned, counter argument. That is, unless mocking someone is about as deep as the left gets.

  • Mitch H.

    It’s asking rather much to ask for reasoned counter-argument to something like “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity”. That sort of thing is, to my mind, antithetical to reasoned argument. Yes, you might argue that her Legginess has rational depths unplumbed by selective quotation and partisan mudflinging, but given her self-constructed reputation for unhinged political hatred, I can

  • narciso

    Invading their country; two checks, killing their
    leaders; (Saddam, Osama, et al) working on it; converting to Christianity; (we’ll settle for a
    country, where practicing Christianity isn’t a
    crime. (Ironically, Ann, from some of her statements is pro-Palestinian; surprise huh